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Custom Business Sign & Installation Services – Serving Hutchinson, MN and Surrounding Area

Business signage is a priceless way for small and local businesses to establish a brand identity and gain new customers. They help your business become more visible, memorable, and profitable. Business signs not only attract new customers by alerting them to your existence, they keep your brand name at the forefront of their thoughts, and inspire your customers to make decisions each day.

At Visual Effects Signs & Graphics, we understand how business signage is a vital part of the small business community — by keeping your target audience reminded of your products and services you encourage to them to choose your business over your local competitor. Over the years, we have developed and established our expertise in a diverse range of custom business signage solutions that has helped our clients engage customers, increase foot traffic, and boost sales.

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We offer the following business signage solutions in Hutchinson, MN and the surrounding metro area:


Vehicle Wraps

Window Signs

Lawn Signs


Advertising Signs

Parking Signs

Storefront Signs

Building Signs

3D Signs

Lettering for retail outlets

Yard Signs

Company Signs

Outdoor Signs

Storefront Signs

Real Estate Signs

Tradeshow Signs

Backlit Signs

Open House Signs

Indoor Signs

Lobby Signs

Business Signs


Signs Bring In New Customers

According recent survey by, when small businesses were asked: How did you learn about us? The responses to surveys included: 50% On-Premise Sign, 33% Word of Mouth, 9% Newspaper, 6% Yellow Pages, 1% TV, and 1% Radio.

Signs attract half of a start-up business new customers, 35% of passersby wouldnt know your business was there without a sign. Furthermore, research indicates that 13% to 20% of the population moves each year. This means that your business has a greater chance of building new customers by attracting them to your business with signage.

Signs Increase Your Profits

Studies have shown that changing and/or adding business signs boost sales.

Interestingly, the result were as follows:

  • Fast Food Industry showed that a large pole sign increased sales by 15.6%
  • Retail Industry, the similar form of signage increased sales by 8.6%
  • Adding a larger storefront sign identity sign boosted sales and revenue by 7.7%,, whereas directional signs increased sales by 8.9%.

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